Our mission at BHD CROSSFIT is to redefine your views on fitness. Everyone has different goals they are working towards. It is our aim to help you realize what those goals are educate you on the best way to get there and put a plan in action to achieve them. We use Cross Fit as a platform to not only help you achieve your Health and Fitness goals but the same method can be used through your daily life practises as well.

What is the meaning of BHD

BHD is short for BROTHERHOOD and the name BHD evolved through our brother Jade Taivairanga who sadly passed away of Cancer, labelling a group of close friends BHD. He even had a passion for creating designer Tees and that’s how the clothing label BHD came about. It was only fitting that when he passed we carried the name on to keep his memory alive. Jade ‘BHD’ Taivairanga was motivated to bring a positive change in everyone he knew, we have established BHD CROSSFIT in Glendenning, Sydney Australia. Jade was a great fitness-lover, he had a vision of healthier, happier and more unified world. He always wanted to create a community where he could train and educate others about health and fitness. Jade is not around us, nevertheless, we are here to make his vision a reality. We are serving as one of the finest fitness clubs in the town, with a mission to accomplish a healthier world. Our trainers are highly skilled and experienced and are sky-high passionate about building leaders with healthy bodies and minds.

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